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Textile Technology

Textile industry is one of the oldest industries in India. The industry basically involves manufacturing of various types of fabrics both natural and synthetic, production of machinery, and planning and development of new technology. The industry has categorized three major areas of work namely research and development, manufacturing and merchandising. It provides direct employment to more than thirty million people.


Textile Engineering is the study of textile production, processing and it’s compatibility for the use of common man. It combines the principles of engineering with specific knowledge of textile equipment and processes. This field of engineering draws inputs from various other branches of engineering like chemical, instrumentation, computer, structural, electronic and mechanical engineering. Textile technology/Engineering deals with the application of scientific and engineering principles to the design and control of all aspects of fiber, textile and apparel processes, its products and machinery. These include natural and man-made materials, interaction of materials with machines, safety and health, energy conservation, and waste and pollution control. There is wide scope for research in this area as the industry demands the need to improve currently available products and develop new ones.